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Chart re-drawn from original 1937 Survey, courtesy Jacob Lundh. Details about settlers courtesy Jacob Lundh & Stein Hoff.

“Buena Vista” — 500 × 400 m

Anders Rambech was born on September 27, 1897, and worked as a horticulturist in Norway. He came to Galápagos aboard the Ulva in 1926 and left 18 months later. He returned in 1936. In 1961 he was employed as the first animal warden at the Charles Darwin Reseach Station. Rambech returned to Norway in 1973, where he died on August 30, 1980.

Terreno del Estado
400 × 500 m (1) &
400 × 350 × 100 ×
150 × 300 × 200 m (2)

The two areas labeled “Terreno del Estado” (Government land) were formerly owned by a Swedish settler named Nilsson, who died in Guayaquil. Further details are unknown.
[Dimensions are clockwise from top.]

“Miramar” — 800 × 250 m

Thorvald Kastdalen was born on October 13, 1895. He arrived in Santa Cruz in May 1935, along with the Graffer family and Amanda Cristoffersen. Kastdalen died in 1988.

“Libertad” — 400 × 500 m

Jens Moe was born on August 28, 1892. He attended military school and was one of the first Norwegians to complete pilot training. After his fiancée was killed in a parachuting accident, he came to Galápagos aboard the Ulva in 1926 and left 18 months later. He returned to Santa Cruz in 1934, where he died in 1965.

“Viking” — 800 × 250 m

Amanda Emilie (“Lalla”) Christoffersen was born on May 2, 1890 in Sweden, and arrived in Santa Cruz in 1935. She did not marry, and died on December 21, 1974.

629 × 334 m

Herman Lundh was born on September 9, 1876. He was a master mariner, and after several visits to Galápagos, Captain Lundh and his family moved to Santa Cruz in 1936, where he died at the age of 71 in August, 1947. His son Jacob lived in Galápagos and mainland Ecuador until 1970, when he moved to Australia, and in 1978 returned to his native Norway.

“Progreso” —
Lote A: 300 × 500 m
Lote B: 100 × 500 m

Jacob H. Horneman was born on July 31, 1890 and worked as a mining engineer in Norway before moving to Santa Cruz in 1927. He died on February 4, 1976. The two “Progreso” properties were subsequently joined and renamed “Vilnis” (Wilderness) by Horneman's wife.

“Fortuna Cerro” — 400 × 500 m

Sigurd Graffer was born on January 24, 1894 and worked as a carpenter and later on American ships. He moved to Santa Cruz in 1935, returned to Norway in 1969 and died in Oslo in about 1981.

1000 × 1000 m

Captain Rafael Castro arrived in Santa Cruz in 1937. His large family may be the reason he was able to secure such a large plot of ground.

“Fortuna” — 300 × 666 m

Gordon Wold was born on May 9, 1904 and died in Norway on April 18, 1985. (No information available.)

200 × 1000 m

Kristian Edvardsen Stampa was born on July 31, 1901. He came to Galápagos aboard the Ulva in 1926, and was known locally as “Estampa.” After a visit to Norway in 1948, he died on January 1, 1949 on the return trip to Galápagos aboard the Thalassa, when the ship was lost in a storm off the coast of Spain.

“La Victoria” — 500 × 400 m

Abraham Bedoya was an old settler who is said to have been 114 years old when he died.

141 × 141 m (2 hectares)

Sr. Cordova (first name unknown) was a Colombian fisherman who married one of the Zavala girls from Isla Isabela. (No further information available.)

187 × 187 m (3.5 hectares)

(Info to follow.)

100 × 100 m

Elías Sánchez came to Santa Cruz in 1917. (No further information available.)

In 1937, Lieutenant Gonzalo Villacís was commander of the first military garrison on Isla Santa Cruz. He drew a survey of the highland chacras (small farms) and presented a copy to Captain Herman Lundh. The redrawn survey seen here is based on a copy of that document, courtesy of Captain Lundh's son Jacob.

Modern survey of
same general area.