Derived from bathymetry chart at Bill White's Galápagos Geology on the Web site. Chart first published in Christie … White et al paper.

NumberSeamount NameNamed AfterLatitudeLongitude
1Whitmer [sic, Wittmer] ‡Wittmer family1°37.7' S90°10.7' W
2FitzroyRobert FitzRoy, H.M.S. Beagle0°12.0' S88°40.5' W
3Sunray §unknown(coordinates not given)
485°40'its approximate longitude2°00.5' S85°39.7' W
† Latitude and Longitude as specified in Table 1 of Christie, Duncan … White et al paper.
‡ Seamount identified by name on website chart only.
§ Seamount cited in Christie … White et al paper, but no information given.