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Here is a seal that says “Republic of Ecuador. - Territorial Headquarters of the Archipelego of Colón.”

According to the Acting Territorial Chief, Francisco I. Slon.

The undersigned:
Cristóbal Pincay, adult Ecuadorian citizen from Calle Machala, Guayaquil;
Julio Infante, adult Ecuadorian citizen from Las Peņas, Guayaquil;
Evaristo Nicolta, Ecuadorian citizen, 20 years of age, from Calle Quito, Guayaquil;
Juan Palm, English subject, 40 years of age and profession of civil engineer.

We certify that, by order of the Territorial Chief of the Archipelago of Colón, we departed on Tuesday, 4 August 1925 from the port of Baquerizo Moreno on Isla San Cristóbal, with the destination of Isla Santa María, to measure a 20 hectare area of land on Isla Santa María for each of the 22 (twenty-two) Scandinavian colonists who arrived at this Archipelago on the national motor ship Floreana.

After 28 days of residence on Isla Santa María, the occupants are to measure and mark the uncultivated land indicated on the present map in red color and with the numbers I to XXII, and in the presence of the twenty-two colonists, on the 1st of September in 1925, we present this map to the Territorial Chief of the Archipelago of Colón, whose signature serves to authorize our conscientious work, and which will later testify that the marked land is given to the colonists and that each one of the areas does not exceed 20 (twenty) hectares of area, and that the named lands are not private property, because on the mentioned island we encountered no person, no houses, no enclosures, no corrals of any kind, so we can assure that to the present day (September 1, 1925), that Isla Santa María has been completely abandoned for many years.

Republic of Ecuador. Archipelago of Colón.-Isla San Cristóbal, September 1, 1925

Juan Palm, Civil Engineer
Cristóbal Pincay
Julio Infante
Evaristo Nicolta

Minister of Colonization:

This certifies that the present original plan was presented to this Consulate for the twenty-two Scandinavian colonists, who solicited the adjudication of the uncultivated land on Isla Santa María, Archipelego of Colón, remitted separately.

Guayaquil, September 24, 1925

Here is a seal that says "KGL. NORSK KONSULAT".-Guayaquil.
Chief of the Royal Norwegian Consulate.