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Human Introduction of Animals to the Galápagos Islands
SpeciesIsland †IntroducedEradicated
AniSanta Cruz      
CattleIsabelaca. 1850VillamilVillamil & Gil 1897   
Santa Cruz1923Rafael A. CastroKastdalen 1982   
Santa María      
Dogs ‡Santa Cruzbefore 1925unknownKastdalen 1982ca. 1936 Kastdalen 1982
Donkeys San Salvador2004Project IsabelaDarwin Foundation
Santa Maríaca. 1834Capt. Abijah LockCoulter 1845   
EarthwormsSanta Cruzca. 1937unknownKastdalen 1982   
Fire AntsSanta Cruzca. 1947unknownKastdalen 1982   
GoatsEspañolabefore 1897
Captain Levick§
Hunter 1906   
Isabela (Northern)   2006Project IsabelaDarwin Foundation
San Salvador1814Essex crewPorter 18152006Project IsabelaDarwin Foundation
Santa Cruzca. 1925settlersKastdalen 1982   
Santa Fe      
Santa María      
Hogs, PigsSan Salvadorca. 1856colonistsHunter 19062002Project IsabelaDarwin Foundation
Santa Cruzca. 1927Norwegian farmerKastdalen 1982   
Iguanas Baltra(endemic to island)ca. 1950predatorsWoram 1992
Baltra (repatriation)1991CDRS StaffWoram 1992n/a
Seymour Norte1932Hancock ExpeditionWoram 1992n/a
MiceSanta Cruzca. 1943unknownKastdalen 1982   
Rats, BlackSanta Cruzca. 1930unknownKastdalen 1982   

† Modern name is given here, although citations may refer to other (older) names.

‡ Refers to feral dogs only, not pets.

§ The captain is identified as “Tomás Levick” by Bognoly & Espinosa and as “the Englishman Captain Thomas Levick” by J. P. Lundh.


  1897: Harris & Drowne1905-06: Beck & Slevin
AbingtonVisited, but no feral animals noted
Albemarle (South) yesyes yes
Albemarle (West) Visited, but no feral animals noted
Barringon yes yes
Bindloe Visited, but no feral animals noted
Charles yesyesmany yesyesyesyes
Chatham yesyesmany yesyesonly 1yes
Culpepper Visited, but no feral animals noted
Daphne Not visited
Duncan Visited, but no feral animals noted
Hood yes yes
Indefatigable yes yes
James yesyes yesyes
JervisVisited, but no feral animals noted
Narborough Not visited
Plazas Not visited
Seymour (South) Not visited yes
Tower Visited, but no feral animals noted
Wenman Visited, but no feral animals noted
  — Not mentioned
  yes: Mentioned as being seen