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Galápagos: A Brief History

Jacob P. Lundh

Table of Contents
Part I Part II Part III Part IV
     Introduction   7: The Whalers 12: Floreana 16: The War and After
1: The Islands and their Names   8: The Villamil Period 13: Santa Cruz 17: The Struggle for Conservation
2: The Arrival of Life   9: Briones the Pirate 14: San Cristóbal 18: Conflict of Interests
3: The Altitudinal Zones 10: Valdizán and Cobos 15: Foreign Interests  
4: The Discoverers 11: Isabela  
5: The Spaniards  
6: Buccaneers and Privateers


All rights to the present work belong to the author. You are however welcome to use any part of it provided you mention its source, a courtesy I would expect from anybody who is provided with free access to another's work. I hope you enjoy reading this and find it interesting and useful. Any comments you may have are appreciated.

I would like to thank my daughter, designer Ingrid Lundh, and our mutual friend photographer Erik Thallaug for their offer to help me with the copying of slides and other photographic material for these pages, which will be used in the future.—J. P. Lundh.



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